Regional Planning

Regional Planning: Puducherry, Cuddalore, and Villupuram Districts

Puducherry and the surrounding Tamil Nadu region are very closely connected to each other through natural resources (water, ecosystems, coastline), climate, historical links, culture, religion, language, tourism, trade and business,  and transportation. This tightly knit connection calls for a Regional Plan that benefits the entire region. The development trend so far has focused primarily on urban areas. This new Regional Plan would help realize the full potential of the region in terms of trade and economic growth, connectivity and infrastructure, protection of natural resources, ensuring water security and restoration of inland and coastal ecosystems.

Need for a REGIONAL PLAN: 

Regional Planning Map

Regional Planning Map

  1. We are all part of the bio-region
  2. We share pockets of territory within each other’s boundaries
  3. We share water basins and water bodies
  4. We have a common coastline
  5. We speak a common language
  6. We are all located within a radius of 40 Km
  7. We all need to address region-wide environmental, economic, and social issues
  8. We all need to collaborate for economic prosperity and sustainable growth

Benefits of a REGIONAL PLAN:

  1. Distribute development throughout the region
  2. Create urban rural continuum
  3. Share infrastructure such as airport, port, railwaysIdeal urban spaces through scientific planning
  4. Promotion of culture, knowledge, and eco tourism
  5. Create the right climate for inviting investments
  6. Save resources through coordination
  7. Sustainable development for the next 50 years