Coastal Area Restoration

Puducherry and Regional Coastal Area Restoration

Since the construction of the Pondicherry harbor in 1989, 8 Kilometers of beach has disappeared and 30 Kilometers of Pondicherry and neighboring Tamil Nadu coast have been eroding dramatically. A Long term, livelihood sensitive, eco-friendly, and sustainable solution to this ever growing problem has to be found.

Coastal degradation and erosion occurs along many stretches of Indian coast as a result of man-made obstructions to the natural flow of beach sand. The large number of planned ports, harbors, and industries will only accelerate this erosion and environmental degradation along India’s coastline.

PondyCAN believes that the issue needs to be studied carefully and policies need to be formulated to allow economic development while at the same time protecting the environment and well-being of the coastal areas and communities.

To understand about the problem of the beach erosion in Pondy please watch the documentary.

Pondicherry Beach Restoration Project (A video clip by NIOT)