PondyCAN’s objectives are Collaboration, Advocacy, Research and Development, and Communication and Education:


  • PondyCAN’s first and main objective is to build collaboration: collaboration among civil society, governments, academia, residents of all ages — everyone. We believe that collaboration is the only way we can bring about the change required to work towards a new development model that focuses on the happiness and well being of people and harmonizes economic prosperity with the preservation and enhancement of our natural, cultural, and spiritual heritage.
  • Work with local communities and draw on ancient wisdom which is fast disappearing, and have a participatory approach which is the only way to bring about a lasting change.


  • Influence key decision makers about taking a holistic approach to development, beginning with this region and continuing to India’s entire coastal stretch, taking into consideration all aspects and dimensions of life which include economic, environmental, social, cultural and spiritual.

Research and Development

  • Undertake research, engage experts, commission studies, create information and data networks with like-minded individuals and organizations within the country and beyond, develop and promote appropriate technologies for a sustainable development for the region and improve the quality of life.
  • Engage with students and educational institutions world-wide.

Education and Communication

  • Promote an understanding of the various aspects of development through education and communication programs.
  • Work with children by planting the “Seeds of Change” in them from a young age by making them aware of their environment, their natural, cultural, and spiritual heritage, and their interconnectedness with everyone and everything around them in order to become responsible members of a sustainable, and equitable society.
  • Conduct workshops and disseminate information to local communities, people from specific interest groups, college and university students, business corporations, industries, governments, and others.